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Becoming a Validator

Know how to stake to become a validator.

Responsibilities of a validator include sending periodic checkpoints to on-chain contract using heimdall and bor. To become a validator on matic network you need to stake your MATIC tokens on a contract called stakeManager which is deployed on base-chain aka the Ethereum chain.

Time to stake!

Proceed further only if you have deployed contracts, if not go here. We will soon have a staking UI, till we reach there let's use some sweet sweet nodejs.

Step 1: Get your private key or MNEMONIC and your validator account

$ heimdalld show-account

Step 2: Update the scripts/stake.js from Contracts repo

Do the following to stake.

// (Optional) Export mnemonic or the private key (without the 0x prefix)
// This account needs to have test token
export MNEMONIC="<your private key without 0x prefix>"

// (Optional) Infura PROJECT ID, if required

npm run truffle exec scripts/stake.js -- --network <base_chain_network_name> <validator_account> <# tokens to stake>
//e.g. npm run truffle exec scripts/stake.js -- --network development 0xE0938d9fd679bB6B83bf31fA62c433646B9F749e 10