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Rewards for Stage 1 will be distributed for the following sub-categories:

  • Uptime
  • Bug Bounties
  • Mini-contests

Uptime (~50% of reward pool / ~$20,000 worth of MATIC tokens)

People who are running the node for the entirety of the Counter Stake program (Stage 1) will be rewarded based on node uptime %. Uptime will be calculated on the performance of the blocks signed on Heimdall.

Note this is a testnet, and therefore it will be subject to issues and bugs which may affect the network and uptime. In such events, uptime calculation may be reset. All uptime calculations will be decided by the Matic project team at this stage.

Typically, participants are not expected to do anything other than just stake their testnet tokens and have a high-uptime validator node setup to qualify for this phase.

All participants calculated based on uptime percentage will be rewarded with this pool. The reward distribution will be weighted based on relative uptime scores.

To determine the winners, Matic Network will primarily consider the uptime (votes on the blockchain) of the validators rather than the total bonded stake or the total amount of test tokens held. This means that delegating or transferring stake from Sybil accounts does not directly lead to winning.

Note that all rewards in the Matic Counter Stake program are awarded at the Matic project team’s discretion. Matic Network reserves the right to modify or revoke any rewards.

Bug Bounties (~40% of reward pool / ~$16,000 worth of MATIC tokens)

There will bounties for bugs that are found and reported during Stage 1 of the Counter Stake program. The bugs reported will be categorised as:

  • L0 – Highest Severity
  • L1 – Moderate Severity
  • L2 – Lowest Severity

The categorization of a reported bug will be at the Matic team’s discretion. Rewards will be based on the category of the bugs reported.

Following are the provisional nature of the bugs:

  • Node stopped
  • Staking Contract bugs
  • Heimdall bugs
  • Bor bugs
  • Checkpoint issues

There will be more categories of bugs which will be identified during the course of the event.

To qualify for this you will need to create GitHub issues in the correct repository. Depending on the severity (decided by the project team, for example L0 is the highest severity and L2 would be the lowest severity) reported issue will be rewarded.

Other Rewards (~10% of reward pool / ~$4,000 worth of MATIC tokens)

During the course of the event (Stage 1) there will be multiple mini-contests taking place where validators can earn further rewards. Depending on completing certain tasks or activities, rewards will be distributed. Some of the tasks are mentioned below:

  • Validator Join
  • Validator Signer Change
  • Validator Exit
  • Validator Replacement
  • Claim Rewards
  • Delegation

The above tasks/activities may be subject to change in the future. The rewards for these events will be disclosed during the course of Stage 1.