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Join Public Testnet

Instructions on how to join an existing public testnet.

As soon as we start the public testnet event you would be able to see the genesis file and other required configurations and seed-nodes here.

Join public testnet

Step 1: Get Heimdall genesis config

$ git clone

//NOTE: Do make sure to join the relevant folder
$ cd public-testnets/<testnet version>
// Example: $ cd public-testnets/CS-1001

// copy genesis file to config directory
$ cp heimdall-genesis.json ~/.heimdalld/config/genesis.json

// copy config file to config directory
$ cp heimdall-config.toml ~/.heimdalld/config/heimdall-config.toml

//  Generate ropsten api key if you don't have one.
// Generate API key using:
// NOTE: Add your api key in ~/.heimdalld/config/heimdall-config.toml under the key "eth_RPC_URL"

Do check the checksums of the files from here:

Step 2: Configure peers for Heimdall

Peers are the other nodes you want to sync to in order to maintain your full node. You can add peers separated by commas in file at ~/.heimdalld/config/config.toml under persistent_peers with the format NodeID@IP:PORT or NodeID@DOMAIN:PORT

Refer to heimdall-seeds.txt for peer info in your testnet folder.

Step 3: Start & sync Heimdall

You can start heimdall and other associated services like rest-server now using the link below!

Click here to understand how you can Run Heimdall. NOTE: If you are starting heimdall after a crash or simply changed genesis files you need to reset heimdall before moving forward.

Step 4: Initialise genesis block for Bor

// go to bor-config directory
$ cd bor-config

// Using genesis file of validator bor node
$ cp ../<testnet version>/bor-genesis.json genesis.json

// initialize Genesis Block
$ $GOPATH/src/ --datadir dataDir init genesis.json

Step 5: Configure peers for Bor

To sync blocks on the testnet, you need to add peers. The file static-nodes.json contains information for all the availalble seed nodes. Let's copy this file to your datadir so that when you start your nodes you already have peers!

$ cp static-nodes.json ../bor-config/dataDir/bor/

Step 6: Start Bor

$ bash

Your bor-node should be syncing now! Checkout logs/bor.log to get to the logs 🤩

Step 7: Query data

To see examples on how to query your full node and get network status, please refer here: