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Running Heimdall

Step-by-step guide to run multiple services.

Run Heimdall

Starting Heimdall is fairly easy, the below command will start heimdall using the genesis file in ~/.heimdalld/config/genesis.json.

$ heimdalld start

Run rest-server

The rest server can be used by external services like explorer, faucets etc to connect to heimdall chain for fetching data and sending transactions.

$ heimdalld rest-server

Run Bridge

Bridge is a helper package that sends transactions to heimdall on behalf of validators. All interactions with other chains happens via this bridge.

Only run bridge if you are planning to stake!

$ bridge start --all

Note: Bridge won't run without rabbitmq and rest-server so ensure they are running before trying to run bridge.

Reset Heimdall

Use the following to delete blockchain data and reset everything.

// NOTE: To be used only if you need to restart heimdall and delete old data.
$ heimdalld unsafe-reset-all