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Deploy Your Own Matic Testnet

Step by step instructions on how to create a single and multiple (soon to be added) validator testnet.

Creating a single validator testnet

Running a testnet with a single validator is recommended if you want to understand how the system works. For ease of setup we have a package of configurations setup already.

Before moving forward please ensure that you have the binaries for heimdall and bor created and are available in your path.

You can view this post to install Heimdall and its dependencies

Additionally, you can view this post to Install Bor

Step 1:

$ git clone

Check that your heimdall and bor commit id's match the ones given in borversion.txt and heimdallversion.txt.

Step 2: Deploy root contracts

// (optional) If you are runnng testrpc to simulate base chain, run the below command to add your validator to testrpc instance
$ export MNEMONIC="257bc7bbb735c3cb39d0b809f9d95dc5e5385ba7444f0459d231cfd1f1f954ff"

Follow this step Deploy root contracts on base chain

Step 3: Deploy Heimdall

// Run the following from your public-testnets repo.
$ cp -r heimdall-config/* ~/.heimdalld

Update the file ~/.heimdalld/config/heimdall-config.toml with the root contract addresses and RPC links. Also update the file ~/.heimdalld/config/genesis.json with the correct heimdall chain_id.

You can start heimdall and other associated services now using the link below!

Click here to understand how you can Run Heimdall

Step 4: Deploy Bor

// Run the following from your public-testnets repo.
$ cd bor-config

This sample config package for bor contains the genesis file and keystore for a validator along with a script to start the node.

Clean & Stop bor
$ bash && bash
Start Bor
$ bash

Node started! Logs are being written to to logs/bor.log check them out!

Step 5: Deploy child contracts on Bor

Follow this step Deploy contracts on Bor

Follow this step Link contracts on Bor with contracts on base chain

Step 7: Stake It!

We need to stake some test tokens for your validator on our rootChain contract.

You can read here on Becoming a Validator


If you did everything correctly you should be able to see blocks being created on both heimdall and bor nodes. Full plasma safety guaranteed!