Configure custom tokens on Metamask

This page demonstrates the process of configuring/adding custom tokens to Metamask. Specifically, we have demonstrated adding the example TEST token to the Kovan testnet as well as the Matic testnet.

You can use this process to add any custom ERC20 tokens to any network on Metamask.

Adding the TEST token (ERC20) to your Metamask account on Kovan Network

To display TEST tokens on your account on the Kovan Network, you can click on the Add Tokens option in Metamask. It will then navigate you to a screen. You then click on Custom Token tab and copy-paste the address below in the Token Address field.

The TEST token contract address on Ropsten is 0x6b0b0e265321e788af11b6f1235012ae7b5a6808. Note that the TEST token is an example ERC20 token contract that is used throughout the Matic Network developer docs for illustration purposes.

The other fields will auto-populate. Click on Save and then click on Add Tokens. The TEST token should now be displayed on your account on Metamask.

Configuring Matic TEST tokens to Metamask

You will also need to configure the TEST tokens to Matic’s Testnet for visualization if you are following the introductory Matic.js tutorial. Switch the network on Metamask to point to the Matic testnet - . On Metamask, this will be shown as Private Network.

The corresponding TEST token address on Matic testnet is 0xcc5de81d1af53dcb5d707b6b33a50f4ee46d983e. Note that this token contract address is different from that of Ropsten - since this is the TEST token on the Matic Network. A detailed, screen-by-screen guide to add custom tokens is shown here:

You can open Metamask and then click on the option for Add Token.

You will see a screen to either search from a list of already available tokens or add a custom token. Click on Custom Token.

You will see a field to add the Token Address. Paste the token address in the form, and configure the token name as TEST.

You can then click on Next.

And then click on Add Tokens. You will be navigated back to the home screen and the new token will be displayed in the token list.