PoS Bridge


Assets are currently moved between Ethereum and Matic primarily by the Plasma deposit->transfer->withdraw mechanism. This provides increased security guarantees due to the Plasma exit mechanism.

However, there are certain restrictions on the child token and there is a 7-day withdrawal period associated with all exits/withdraws from Matic to Ethereum.

This is quite painful for those DApps/users who need some flexibility and faster withdrawals, and are happy with the level of security provided by the Matic Proof-of-Stake system, secured by a robust set of external validators.

Proof of stake based assets provides PoS security and faster exit with one checkpoint interval.

HRC-20 and HRC721 standard are deployed by default which are same as erc20/erc721 but with pos security. Moreover, these tokens can be any arbitrary contracts that implement the IChildToken interface.

Main Chain contracts

  • rootToChild and childToRoot token mapping should be stored.
  • Deposit should call StateSender contract to use StateSync mechanism.
  • Withdraw should be a 2 step process
    1. Burn tokens on matic chain
    2. Submit Burn Proof on main chain after checkpoint has been submitted.
  • Burn verification should be done using checkpoint submitted to RootChain plasma contract.

V1: add mint-able on Matic chain.


  • Nothing new needs to be done on Heimdall layer since we are using stateSync mech.

Child Chain contracts

  • rootToChild and childToRoot token mapping should be stored.
  • StateReceiver should be able to call onStateReceive function.
  • ChildToken should have deposit and withdraw methods.