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2-min guide to get started on Matic

Block time on the Matic testnet is ~1s.

Deploy smart contracts

  • If you are already developing contracts on Ethereum, just configure the Web3 Provider URL to
  • Everything else remains the same
  • Matic Mainnet will have PoS security, with greater Plasma guarantees being added

Note: Developers already integrating with can change their RPC to in order to move to the pre-alpha Matic mainnet test chain. This environment will have the same changes as in the alpha Matic mainnet, and will allow any breaking changes to be rectified in your application.

Bring Ropsten assets (ERC20/ERC721) to the Matic testnet using Plasma

Ropsten TEST token contract address - 0x6b0b0e265321e788af11b6f1235012ae7b5a6808

The flow for this would be: